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4 years of experience in Sales Cloud, Salesforce1 Platform, Chatter, Community Cloud, Pardot and Force.com Sites

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Sales Cloud

Best practices of Salesforce.com CRM implementation, lead management, opportunity tracking and all other great things that comes with Sales Cloud. Number of success orgs released in Poland covering Professional and Enterprise edition.


If you are using Salesforce, you are probably thinking about how to use Chatter within your company. "Forcecloud" advices how to use it well and how Chatter can drive your business with social engagement.

Community Cloud

Do you like Chatter in your org? How about to share the experience with your customers? Ask how you can drive your business with Customer Community. "Forcecloud" is building and developing the largest Salesforce community ever-built in Poland. 300,000 community members with number of local great services built on Salesforce Unlimited Performance Edition.

Salesforce1 Platform

You like Salesforce, but sometimes your business does not fit into Sales Cloud know-how. With Salesforce1 Platform you can run all your business processes you can imagin with an ease of any Salesforce out-of-the-box product customization.


Would you like to have more insights about your customers? Start targeting your users exact, send them personal emails and serve individual content on your website. All with Pardot, a Salesforce.com company tool for marketing automation.

Force.com Sites

Are you managing your products in Salesforce? Do you like your pricebooks well organized? What about your customers see all your products and current pricing on your website? No worry, there is a great feature in Salesforce that can run your website and shop with the same current data as your sales reps work on. And first 500k-1M pageviews is included in your Salesforce plan, so there is a chance you can run your website free!